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About Matirio Maridadi.africa ~ Head to Toe Care Online Store

Matirio Maridadi is a full service All-wear Online Store in Kenya that provides Head to Toe care for customers of different choices, tases and preferences at very affordable prices. Our Online Store sells different types and fashions of formal and casual shoes, different types of hats, African design shirts and dresses, and leather accessories like belts and wallets.

Why Choose Us

Matirio Maridadi seeks to give customers the full freedom of choice on what they wear on their head, body and feet, at a very friendly cost and from a team that cares to listen to, understand and effectively respond to the specific tastes of each customer.

Matirio Maridadi sources for its stock of shoes, clothes, hats, and related personal accessories from different suppliers globally as informed by and in direct response to what customers ask for. The African design shirts in the Matirio Maridadi Online Store are specially made by our partners in the fashion design and textile sectors to suit the tastes and preferences of our customers. We are also able to supply tailor-made African design shirts, dresses, and headgear at a customer’s request.

If you are looking for official shoes, casual shoes, trendy shoes, African design shirts and/or dresses, stylish hats (African design and other designs), and related personal accessories like belts and wallets, then you have found your reliable source here at Matirio Maridadi where we provide complete Head to Toe Care at affordable rates.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give customers a wide choice of good quality all-wear products at affordable prices through reliable customer service in order to enable decent dressing from Head to Toe for all occasions.

Our Promise

Quality, choice, affordability, decency and reliability is Matirio Maridadi’s statement of value promise.
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